The Welfare Foundation for Social and Cultural Affairs (KIKPE) was founded in Athens in 1988.

Its aims are:

  • to engage in social welfare activities, particularly in areas hard hit by the economic crisis, and to support agencies involved with the care of disadvataged population groups
  • to support long-term actions in the sector of education and training, in the widest sense, in collaboration with similar agencies and foundations wherever possible
  • to valorize at best the collections and archives in the Foundation’s possession, and to present these to the public in Greece and abroad

The Foundation is managed by a five-member Board, which selects specialist external collaborators to whom it entrusts the realization of each project.

Some of KIKPE’s activities and interventions are mentioned indicatively:

During the years 2011-2012, KIKPE continued its support of The Archdiocese of Athens in organizing the provision of meals in areas of Attica heavily affected by the economic crisis, as well as of the Municipality of Athens in implementing similar programmes. For the same purpose it also supported other agencies, such as the non-profit association Prolepsis, in providing school meals in Attica. In the framework of social solidarity KIKPE additionally supports the Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals (ΚΕTHΕΑ) by funding the training of personnel in specific therapeutic communities. The funding of postgraduate students through the Nikos and Lydia Trichas Foundation for Education and European Culture is a further social solidarity action of KIKPE.

Since 2012 KIKPE has been participating in the programme of the non-profit organization Future Library, regarding the supply of libraries all over Greece. The participation of the Foundation consists in supplementing Public and Municipal Libraries with new editions.

Since autumn 2014 KIKPE, in collaboration with Future Library and the Public and Municipal Libraries of Greece, has been organizing seminars for teachers of the secondary education. The programme is labelled “From Research to Teaching” and has focused on four cycles of the curriculum: Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, History, Economics. The lecturers of the seminars, which are held in the reading rooms of the libraries, are experts from Greek universities and research centres.

In the sector of education, KIKPE organized from 2010 to 2015 cycles of lectures on subjects of diachronic and current interest, in collaboration with the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron Plus Programme). These lectures were published in booklets that were distributed gratis to the audience and are available at the website KIKPE has been sponsoring the publication of the proceedings of international conferences, mainly on disciplines in the Humanities, held in Greece. It has also supported the annual cycle of courses of the “University of SPEL” (The Book Archway's Educational Cycle), established by the “Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning” (SPEL).

Lastly, KIKPE’s collection of ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine bronze coins, and its collection of Greek banknotes spanning the period from 1822 to 2002, when the euro was introduced, as well as the personal archive and artistic oeuvre of the Greek Diaspora painter and writer Vassilis Photiades, are all accessible to researchers. Progressively, this material will be presented to the general public, through exhibitions, catalogues and publications.

In addition to the aforementioned activities, KIKPE over the past years has supported financially various cultural and social welfare actions, as well as projects of national interest.